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they discover just how strange they are ‘Heather’s Turn’ #YAThriller #Series @teeny120 @SDSXXTours

Heather’s Turn
The Carnie Series Book 1
by Christina Leigh Pritchard
Genre: YA Thriller
Alice failed. Now it’s Heather’s turn.
Did you ever hear the old saying, Ignorance is Bliss? That’s how it was
for Heather and her friends. Life at the carnival was normal. Then,
one small event, catapulted them into reality–into what they really
Heather and her friends discover just how strange they are when they’re
forced to step into our world. They see what life is like in various
cultures and unravel a dark history that’s been buried deep by their
relatives. When they learn the truth, can they forgive and move on?
Or will the hate consume them like it did their parents? Will they
find the same misfortune as Alice who was hanged for trying to change
the world? Or will their bond of friendship be too strong to allow
the world around them to corrupt the way they view each other?
Voted “New and Noteworthy” by USA Book News, Christina Leigh
Pritchard was born and raised in South Florida where she’s penned
over fifty stories.
She’s recently signed with Limitless Publishing for her ALMOST Series,
takes on contract work, and continues writing her books.
Her style is any genre, as long as it’s character driven where both hero
and villain are not clearly defined. Pritchard says that she wants
“…her characters to linger in a reader’s mind, rather than be
easily forgotten”. She loves to create new worlds and prefers to
venture outside the box. With a short attention span, she writes
stories that move quickly, absorb their reader into her world, and
usually receives comments that the story was too short.
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they battle to save us all #SciFi #Fantasy @NatalieWright @SDSXXTours

H.A.L.F. Series Book 3
by Natalie Wright
Genre: YA SciFi Fantasy
Alien predators attack Europe. A deadly virus spawns an epidemic. And a
clandestine organization conspires to profit from chaos and forge a
New World Order.
In this heart-pounding finale of the
award-winning H.A.L.F. series, Tex, Erika and the rest are in a race
against time. For months they‘ve fought for their lives. Now they
battle to save us all.
Tex and Erika are fugitives again, running for their lives. But when Tex
falls gravely ill, a Navajo healer is his only hope for survival. Tex
emerges from the ordeal changed in body and mind but with vital
information: how to stop the predatory M’Uktah from destroying
those he has come to love.
Erika Holt seeks a respite from the constant threats to her life but she’s
not about to give up. As she and Tex launch a mission to shut down
the galactic highway used by the predatory M’Uktah, she grows closer
to her troubled half-human companion. But what about her on-again,
off-again boyfriend, Jack?
Jack Wilson, with his new friend Anna Sturgis, is determined to put an end
to the Makers’ schemes for world domination. Complicating matters,
an anti-viral that could save millions from an alien virus has been
As both alien and human forces line up against them, the destiny of all
mankind is hand the hands of these young warriors. And time is
running out.
What Others are Saying about H.A.L.F.: ORIGINS:
The latest satisfying addition to the H.A.L.F. series has something for
everyone: exciting action scenes; great, complex love stories;
fascinating new aliens; and relatable teen characters fighting to
save the world and find their places in it.” ~Alyssa H., Content
Editor, Red Adept Editing
The Makers
H.A.L.F. Series Book 2
“Conflicts with alien races are given enormous depth in this engrossingly
written science fiction novel.” ~
Forewords Clarion Reviews

Roswell. Area 51. The X-Files.
You’ve seen the aliens known as “the
Greys” in movies and on T.V. But what if everything you think
you know about them is wrong?
And what if the Greys are only the beginning?
On a nondescript planet on the far side of the galaxy, the M’Uktah have
evolved from a wolf-like predatory creature into a highly advanced
species that has mastered intergalactic travel. They are cultured.
And hungry…
Wright’s epic and much anticipated follow up to her multiple award-winning
debut Sci Fi novel
H.A.L.F.: The Deep Beneath:
The Deep Beneath,
Runner Up in the Beach Book Festival
Finalist, Wishing Shelf Book Awards
Semi-Finalist, Kindle Review Book Awards and Library
Journal pick for curated Shelf-e library collection
The Deep Beneath
H.A.L.F. Series Book 1

Can a Human-Alien Hybrid, Created to be a Weapon, Save us from a Secret
War we Don’t Know is Coming?

Library Journal eBook Selection

H.A.L.F. (Human Alien Life Form) #9 is the product of genetic engineering, the
union of human and alien DNA. Created to be a weapon in a secret war
we don’t know is coming, he proved too powerful to control. He has
lived for seventeen years in an underground lab, sedated and trained
to be a cold-blooded killing machine.
But H.A.L.F. 9 has escaped the lab and the sedation has worn off. He has
never been more alive. More powerful. Or more deadly.
While H.A.L.F. 9 revels in his newfound freedom, Erika Holt relaxes in the
desert with friends. But a typical Saturday night soon erupts into
chaos when fate brings her together with H.A.L.F. 9. Erika is forced
to make a choice that will irretrievably change her life. If she
chooses to help H.A.L.F. 9 escape, her fate will become intertwined
with his in what will become an intergalactic adventure. Little do
any of them know that their actions trigger a vast New World Order
conspiracy which began after the UFO crash in Roswell in 1947. Will
H.A.L.F. 9 be reeled back in, once again forced to do the bidding of
the Makers? And will any of them survive the dangers of The Deep
Beneath them?

Award-Winning Sci Fi Appropriate for the Entire Family

  • Silver Medalist, Wishing Shelf Book Awards
  • Semi-Finalist, Kindle Review Book Awards
  • Runner-Up, Beach Book Festival Awards
  • Library Journal choice for the curated Self-E Library Collection

What Readers Say About The Deep Beneath:

“The action is great, and the scene with the alien spaceship was crazy
good. I found the ending to be quite surprising. It definitely made
me want to read the next one to see what happens both above ground
and below. I recommend this to all fans of sci-fi adventures.”
~C.J. Anaya, Best Selling Author of The Healer Series
“Once I began, I couldn’t put it down. It’s well-written, fast-paced, and
the characters are believable. I highly recommend this book and
anxiously await book 2!” ~M. Williams
“Extremely exciting and fast-paced story that sucked me in its sci-fi vortex and
wouldn’t let me go. H. A. L. F. 9 is probably my favorite alien
hybrid of all time. Can’t wait for the next book!” ~Ms. I Read
to Escape
Natalie is the author of the award-winning science fiction series H.A.L.F.,
and The Akasha Chronicles, a popular young adult fantasy
trilogy with over 2 Million reads on Wattpad. She lives
in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, teen daughter, and two cat
Natalie spends her time writing, reading, geeking out over nerd culture and
cool science, and meeting readers and fans at book festivals and
comic cons throughout the western United States. Natalie appears
frequently on radio, podcasts and vlogs such as The Speculative
Fiction Cantina, Front Row Geeks and iHeart Radio.
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In celebration of the release of ORIGINS, the third and final
book in the H.A.L.F. series, all pre-order customers have the
opportunity to receive the following exclusive goodies:
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    This book contains the author’s commentary on cut scenes as well
    as photos illustrations. This book is only available to pre-order
  • A video retrospective of the H.A.L.F. series, complete with
    “soundtrack” for the series, an author interview, and tons of
    photos and illustrations documenting the series.
It’s simple to obtain the goods. All a customer has to do is:
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    email receipt, etc.). Email the receipt to:
That’s it. The author or her representative will follow-up and send the
customer the awesome goodness of free gifts!
Additionally, every pre-order customer that avails themselves of the pre-order
giveaway will automatically be entered into the ORIGINS
Launch Mega Giveaway and have the chance to win the following:
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    buttons + non-branded, retail swag themed to the book. Retail value
    of this prize is $240+
  • FIRST PRIZE: 1 Winner will receive: $25 Amazon Giftcard +
    Signed, Paperback copies of the entire 3-book H.A.L.F. series +
    branded swag (as listed above) + non-branded swag. Retail value of
    this prize is $75+
  • 10 Runner-Up Prizes: 10 Winners will receive: A gifted
    copy of Amazon Kindle version of an eBook of the reader’s choice
    from among Natalie Wright’s published, single-book works (Emily’s
    House, Emily’s Trial, Emily’s Heart, The Deep Beneath, The
    Makers, or ORIGINS). Retail value of this prize if between 99¢ to
    $3.99 (depending on book chosen and price at the time gifted).

someone is well past the yearning stage… #dystopian #PeriElizabethScott

The quick retreat
wasn’t totally silent. She could hear the sounds of the others, moving quickly
along parallel lines to her own painful effort. Wondering how long she could
keep the burst of energy up, she noted the noises diminished as people worked
their way outward like the spokes of a wheel. Four hundred paces and the air
burned in her lungs. Sh e fought the tough terrain and avoided the thickening
flora, the damn sled hanging up at each and every turn. Her arms burned with
the desperate efforts to free the runners and the hound whined with pain.
Six hundred paces
had her bent doubled over with a stitch in her side. She went to her knees when
the ground sloped away into a small ravine, nearly causing her and Gehlert to
tumble into its depths, the momentum of the heavy sled a terrible burden. It
was the dog who saved them, digging his forefeet in and throwing his body
weight back to settle on his haunches. She hugged him fiercely, his pants and
thundering heartbeat mirroring her own.
Skirting the
ravine took them well away from what she reckoned was a straight path outward
from the original starting point. She scanned the treetops in a near futile
effort to reorient herself. The filtered light told her the sun was at four
o’clock, so she deviated slightly to her right and pushed on, wondering where
the strength to do so had come from.
Having lost count
of her pacing, she chanced another three hundred, using images of what would
happen if they got caught to spur her on. Certain they’d walked a half
marathon, she chose a thick clump of gorse bushes, insanely wondering how
they’d come to flourish this deep in the woods. The hound stepped away from the
harness the instant she freed him and staggered sideways to collapse on a bed
of leaves and other organic debris. Doggedly working to separate the lower
branches of the bushes and wincing at the spiny press of the remaining leaves
despite the cover of her thin gloves, she managed to secret the sled, or at
least muddle the outline of it. She bent thinner twigs to camouflage it further
and made herself take the time to stand back and take as critical a look as she
could. Satisfied, she found another clump of the same vegetation and crawled in
backward, stopping only when her feet couldn’t press any deeper. She then pressed
a dog sized space open to her right.
“Gehlert.” Even a
whisper hurt her parched throat, but she was rewarded with a faint thump of his
tail. “Come.”
The hound visibly
considered her command, ears lowering and eyes drifting before he levered
upward, limping to her. He’d pulled more than his weight and was clearly on the
brink of exhaustion. Even in the dappled light she could see where the harness
had cut harshly into his hide, the thick guard hairs rubbed away. She wanted to
cry. Blinking hard, she swallowed against the emotion.
“Here.” She patted
the small space beside her and he obligingly wiggled in, somehow turning in
place three times before he settled down. Draping an arm over him, she tugged a
few branches into place over, poking herself in the cheek as she did so, then
dropped her head onto the fertile earth.
After a time, her
heart slowed and her breathing returned to normal, as did the hound’s, although
he hitched from time to time with a little gasping noise. At last, she could
focus on her surroundings and actually hear the forest sounds, the faint creak
of living wood, the rustle of a small breeze among the remaining leaves, and
the occasional call of a bird. The ground was reasonably warm, despite the
approach of winter, and with Gehlert pressed close, she wasn’t terribly
uncomfortable. She only wished she’d thought to bring one of the water bottles
into her makeshift shelter, her body crying out for moisture after the forced
Time crept by and
she became aware of how her pistol rested with solid intent against her belly,
the barrel grinding into her hip. Seeing that her weapon was the only thing
between her and whatever was out there hunting them, she cursed fluently under
her breath and hitched up enough to worm a hand beneath her. With some
judicious pulling and peeling back of the layers of clothing, she was able to
free the butt and work the pistol out from under her, blessing her foresight to
set the safety. She brought it up beside her head, one finger through the
trigger, palm resting lightly against the pommel, before she flicked the safety
The hound
stiffened beneath her lax arm and she strained her ears, suppressing a shudder.
Perhaps it was one of the others, off course and passing by, still trudging
those thousand paces, that had alerted him. Or an animal, picking its way
through the trees. Alas, it was the base notes of a number of male voices she
heard, far off, their words indistinct, distorted by the numerous trees and the
uneven terrain—and the sudden escalation of her heartbeat. Stark terror froze
her in place, chilling her blood, making her sex draw up in self-defense. Her
belly clenched in on itself and goose flesh broke out all along her spine. Air
rushed in and out of her nose as she tried hard not to pant, knowing how
foreign the sound would be, how easily heard if someone cared to stop and
listen. Her dog shivered in response to her angst and made a faint whine.
That whimper
awakened her higher brain functions and she gained control. With a firm
squeeze, she signaled Gehlert into silence. They huddled together and waited as
she held her weapon at the ready.
Disjointed phrases
drifted to her ears, accompanied by faint crashing sounds of something larger
than a person.
“…signs of at
“Over here!”
She was certain
she felt a cold stare focused on their location, something malevolent and
inhuman, and remained as still as possible, willing their hidden forms to blend
into the surroundings. Nothing to see here. Just more trees and underbrush. She
prayed there were no dogs, and cast her eyes down, refusing to risk even that
chance of a flicker of awareness.
Minutes passed as
she counted the seconds. Three hundred and sixty, then six hundred and sixty.
Eleven minutes, give or take. The evil stare lingered in her imagination, or
perhaps its owner was still out there, patient as a spider. The adrenalin
leached out of her muscles, leaving her spent and far more fatigued than ever.
She wouldn’t move, wouldn’t make it easier for whoever it was out there to find
her, but felt as though she had nothing left to defend herself if he did. Her
pistol seemed impossibly toy-like against the threat and her knife was still in
her boot.

Author Bio:

Peri Elizabeth Scott lives in Manitoba, Canada. After closing her private practice as a social worker and child play therapist, she joined her husband in running their season business where they pretend to work well together.

Writing for years, The Time is a departure from her usual romance genre, but it was a story that had to be told!

Peribeth also pens erotic romance under a different pen name and reads everything she can lay her hands on.

Paranormal Bar & Grill Tour #Supernatural #Paranormal #Halloween @GoddessFish


Hey folks! Today I’m happy to introduce you to Craig Boyack, Mae Clair, Sandra Cox, Harmony Kent, and Staci Troilo and their tour!

~ * ~ ABOUT THE TOUR ~ * ~

October starts out warm and sunny, but this is the month when everything changes. Mornings grow frosty, leaves change colors, and the breeze takes on a bite.

Summer dies.

It’s a time for harvest celebrations. A boy loans a girl his coat. She snuggles a little closer and takes his hand. A riot of autumn splendor accompanies the farmer’s market where they stroll.

But the vibrancy of daylight doesn’t compare to the darkness of night. Is that chill on your neck the breeze or something else?

October night

You walk a tad faster and look over your shoulder. The trees creak when the wind whips through their branches—at least, you hope that noise came from the undulating bows.

You check under the bed and inside the closet before climbing under the covers. Sleep doesn’t come easy. The old house groans its complaints, and the night magnifies every innocuous noise until terror paralyzes you—because you know nefarious things go bump in the night.

Welcome to the Paranormal Bar & Grille Blog Tour

…where you can rub elbows with everyone from a gargoyle or vampire, to a creature from urban legend, or the ghostly realms of myth. Step up to the bar, grab a booth. You never know what’s on the menu, or if you might end up there yourself.

Sound like your kind of hangout? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re a group of five authors who love nothing more than to trigger the chill that crawls up your back, the nervous glance tossed over your shoulder. We invite you to discover outstanding books and check out our awesome tour prizes.

Just be careful of what the bartender serves you. That heady brew may not be a beer, and witches can’t be trusted to provide effective antidotes.

~ * ~ BIOS ~ * ~


Craig Boyack: Just a fiction writer, trying to reach the world.

Craig came to fiction writing later in life than most authors. He always had to write, to one degree or another as part of various jobs. Early one winter morning, he conquered the Internet and didn’t feel like shoveling the sidewalk until the sun came up. He tried a few pages of fiction and got hooked.

Craig doesn’t like limitations and calls himself a writer of speculative fiction. It’s a broad field, but he limits himself to science fiction, paranormal, and a bit of fantasy.

He has eight published works—six novels and two collections of short stories.

~ * ~ STALK ~ * ~

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Mae Clair: Mystery & Suspense…with a dash of Myth & Romance ## Genres: Mystery, Psychological Thrillers, Supernatural Suspense, Romantic Suspense ## Quirky fact I don’t want anyone to know: (or maybe I do)….I saw a UFO when I was six. Probably why I write some of the stuff I do. ~ooOOoo~

They say everyone has a story to tell.

I wrote my first childish “masterpiece” at six and was immediately bitten by the writing bug. Since then, I’ve been composing nonstop, and have dabbled in multiple genres over the years, writing everything from fantasy, westerns, and horror to inspirational fiction, romance, and sci-fi. It took me a while to find my niche, but I’ve settled comfortably into the mystery/suspense genre (with a just a dash of romance tossed in).

Several of my earlier works have strong romantic themes, but all are infused with threads of mystery. I have a passion for folklore, myth, and urban legends and that attraction often factors into my writing. You’ll find threads of archaic tales and mysterious places woven throughout many of my novels.

I am a member of the International Thriller Writers and a past president of the Central Pennsylvania Writer’s Organization. If I’m not camped out at my keyboard or have my nose buried in a book, I’m likely looking up blurry images of cryptids on Google, sorting through vintage photographs or imagining life as a cat.

~ * ~ STALK ~ * ~

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Sandra Cox: Living life. Writing fantasy.

Sandra writes YA Fantasy, Paranormal and Historical Romance, and Metaphysical Nonfiction. She lives in sunny North Carolina with her husband, a brood of critters and an occasional foster cat. Although shopping is high on the list, her greatest pleasure is sitting on her screened in porch, listening to the birds, sipping coffee or a latte and enjoying a good book. She’s a vegetarian and a Muay Thai enthusiast.

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Harmony Kent: The author who gets write into your head. ## Genres: Multi-genre ## Quirky Fact I don’t want anyone to know: Wrote the entirety of The Glade while listening to the Twilight movie soundtrack. And she’s not mentioning the glass of white (ahem) ‘grape juice’ that kept finding its way to her computer station.

Harmony Kent is famous for her laughter, and has made quite the name for herself … she’s also, um, a writer … and fairly well known for that too. She’s even won a few awards. Harmony lives in rural Cornwall with her ever-present sense of humour and quirky neighbours and refuses to admit to her age.

If you catch her at work, you’ll see that she also offers editing, proof reading, manuscript appraisal, and beta reading services. Not to mention being passionate about supporting her fellow authors.

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Staci Troilo: Writing Relationship Wrongs. ## Genres: Romance, Suspense, Paranormal, Mystery, and Mainstream ## Quirky fact I don’t want anyone to know: The socks in my sock drawer and the books on my shelf are arranged in rainbow order.

I’ve always loved fiction, ever since my parents read me fairy tales when I was little. Today, my interests are much more eclectic. I love getting lost in sci-fi battles, fantasy realms, horror worlds, suspenseful intrigues, and romantic entanglements.

As goes my reading, so goes my writing. I can’t pick a single genre to focus on, so I don’t even try. I’m proud to say I’m a multi-genre author.

When I’m not reading or writing, I’m spending time with family and friends, possibly cooking for them, or maybe enjoying an afternoon in the pool. To learn more about me, visit me at http://stacitroilo.com or connect with me on social media.

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~ * ~ BLURB for Love Set in Stone by Staci Troilo ~ * ~


A cold stone heart breaks more easily than it beats. Than it loves.

Damien was a loyal warrior, killed in battle in 1203. Because of his true heart, he was given the option to pass on to his eternal reward or exist in another state of being as a protector… until the time came when he could resume living the life he’d been cheated of.

A soldier by nature, he chose the latter. Then he waited centuries—as a gargoyle—growing increasingly bitter about his choice.Then he sees her.

Rina is a hard worker and loyal friend. She just has the worst luck. One night, after saving her best friend from a violent assault, she finds herself at the attacker’s mercy. Then, out of nowhere, a savior comes and rescues her.

With only an angel to guide him, Damien must make the right choices to win Rina’s heart, or be forever damned as a grotesque mockery of the guardian he once was.

~ * ~ EXCERPT for Love Set in Stone by Staci Troilo ~ * ~

He gasped but only succeeded in inhaling thick embers. “I hate it when you do that to me, Anael. What the hell?”

“Not what, Damien,” Anael said. “Where. It’s against the rules, but you needed to see.”


“The first level.”

Damien choked on clouds of brimstone and looked around. Bodies hung on racks, some scourged by demonic creatures wielding whips of fire, others stretched until their limbs tore off only to reassemble and stretch again. Some souls were skinned and devoured, the torment cyclical, never-ending. Giant beasts with nine-inch claws and twelve-inch teeth tore people into bloody shreds. They gnawed on the bones of writhing beings, snarling and snapping at anything near them.

There was no blessed retreat into unconsciousness or death. This was their other side, their ever-after, their eternity. The tormented endured each torture, alert and unprotected. Impossibly hot gusts of wind howled through the cavern, tossing the departed from one horror to the next. And the maniacal screeches of the tormentors were only overpowered by the anguished wails of the damned.

“I’ve seen enough.” Damien’s words were barely intelligible through his coughing and wheezing.

“Are you certain? This is only the first level. The second level hosts souls feeding on their own entrails, or having a myriad of sexual violations forced upon them. Rape. Sodomy. Bestiality. And then there’s—”

Damien clutched Anael’s arm. “Enough!”

“Do you understand now?”

Damien looked up and howled, his throat burning, his voice mingling into the sounds of all the other lost souls, an agonizing dirge melodic only to Satan himself.

When he thought the devil’s name, the most sinister laugh echoed through the cavern, a shadow given voice and power. It sent chills down his burning spine. The demons cheered, their victims cowered, and Damien cringed, seeking escape that would only be denied him.


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A Thousand Yesteryears by Mae Clair ## Love Set in Stone by Staci Troilo ## The Glade by Harmony Kent ## Vampire Island by Sandra Cox ## Will O’ the Wisp by Craig Boyack

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The authors will be awarding a $50 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. CLICK HERE to enter to win! Readers, follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates and places can be found here: Tour Schedule

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Craig Boyack, Mae Clair, Sandra Cox, Harmony Kent, and Staci Troilo, thank you for stopping by today!

Love & blessings to all! ❤

Exposed to a supernatural world #UrbanFantasy @LataeyaLM @GoddessFish


Hey folks! Today I’m happy to introduce you to LaTaeya Lane and her story Dark Betrayal: Chronicles of the Celestial Book Two!

~ * ~ BIO ~ * ~


Years of exposure within the writing and publishing world have made a lasting impact on Author LaTaeya Lane. Writing since she was seven years old, Lane began jotting down phrases and themes later turning them into poems and short stories. Writing became such a passion throughout her youth that she became the Junior and Senior editor of her High school newspaper. She wrote her first novel at age sixteen but was not seeking publication at that time in her life. Always captivated by the supernatural and elements of fantasy, Lane was inspired to write a series of books that focused on going beyond the boundaries of life and imagination. The angel vampire fantasy “Swept into the Darkness” is Lane’s first published book in a series called “Chronicles of the Celestial.” “Dark Betrayal” is the second book in the series. Lane has a degree in Liberal Studies and currently works in Early Childhood education. Lane resides in New Jersey with her husband Leo and son Lucian and is working on writing and publishing the third book in the series called “Dark Revenge.” Lane also loves to draw and paint. Traveling and experiencing a variety of different foods is also a deep passion of hers. Lane loves watching horror and fantasy movies and is a believer in the Ancient Alien Theory. Some of her favorite authors include, Charline Harris, Stephen King and Erick Von Daniken.

~ * ~ STALK ~ * ~

Website ## Twitter ## Facebook

~ * ~ BLURB ~ * ~

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00010]

Nephilim Sydney London has embraced her angelic heritage, crossed the borders between life and death and traveled throughout the dimensions in order to save the people she loves. Exposed to a supernatural world, Sydney now must face the repercussions of healing her Darkness consumed mother Pandora. As a fugitive magical being Pandora’s involvement with the Angel Vampires is uncertain. Instructed by the Archangel Michael, Sydney must track down her mother before she possibly leads the Angel Vampires to Pandora’s Box. Sydney continues to risk her life as she delves deeper into the elements of a world that hangs in limbo. Her Guardian Angel struggles to protect her as the threats of evil rise in an attempt to recruit Sydney and possess her powers for their own malicious agenda.

~ * ~ EXCERPT ~ * ~

While I ate with Angelo, I thought about how different my life had become since I discovered my history and my powers— the places I’ve traveled, and the creatures I’d met on my journey. There was Tristan, Angelo’s friend and a vampire, who had become my protector, and the elves Elwyn and Elin, brothers who had given one of their lives for me. Lothos was an angel who had sworn allegiance to my mother and now was helping me, not to mention my friend Amy, Luna’s sister. Although she was human, she was helping to manage my mother’s company since Luna died. All of these creatures had become an important part of my life. Despite how much they meant to me, I felt that everything had spiraled out of control. The only thing I was sure of was my love for my guardian angel, my watcher—Angelo.

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LaTaeya Lane, thank you for stopping by today!

Love & blessings to all! ❤

a danger to them #Medical #SciFi #YA @GoddessFish


Hey folks! Today I’m happy to introduce you to Sean Adelman and his story Trispero!

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Sean Adelman is a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Seattle. When he isn’t working hard to put people back together he enjoys writing, running, and attempting to play his electric guitar without frightening his two dogs, Chestnut and Orion. Sean has three children Brenna, Devon, and Ian with his wife of 25 years Susan.

Advocating for people with developmental disabilities is his life’s passion and his inspiration for the middle grade book series, Sam’s Top Secret Journal, and now his first adult novel, Trispero.

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I asked Sean Adelman, “How did you get your start in writing and what fuels you to continue?” and here is the response.

The most common question I am asked is, how did an orthopedic surgeon decide he wanted to become a writer in the middle of his career? Working full time as a surgeon with three children didn’t leave me much time to think about it. Before I began writing about seven years ago the only writing I had accomplished prior to that had been scientific papers and scholarly reviews. To fully understand how this occurred you need one more bit of information, my other day job. I am a happy husband and father to three beautiful kids now 20, 18, and 13. My middle daughter has Down syndrome and at the time I began writing she was starting middle school.

My inspiration for writing came in a moment of frustration. My wife and I rose our daughter, Devon, to be like her two other siblings, she went to the same schools, played the same sports, etc. On this day I had to deal with another person who didn’t think Devon could do something I knew she could do. At every point in her life, to that point, when there was something I thought she couldn’t do, she had repeatedly proven me wrong. I was no longer a doubter, it was important that we let her try, and maybe fail. “There is dignity in failing” my beautiful wife told me. So, when a coach told me and my wife Devon couldn’t do something without even knowing her, something flipped inside me. There was a switch that I didn’t realize was there, I had to let everyone know that my daughter was more than her diagnosis. Since I wasn’t in radio or television, or any other entertainment for that matter I had to find a way to get my message out.

I love reading and had the epiphany that a great story could have a deep impact in how we see and feel things. In my fervor I sought out to write a story that would show what my daughter could do. As you would expect there was much more to writing a book then good intentions, never the less, my first draft of “Sam’s Top Secret Journal” was started. It took well over a year to write and find an agent/editor to help me refine what I was doing. In the end I wrote three early reader chapter books in the “Sam’s Top Secret Journal” series where the protagonist has Down syndrome. Everything “Sam” does in the books is something my daughter has done in real life, so they are meant to be fun and inspirational.

This brings us to Trispero. I love writing children’s books, but three years ago I became troubled by some progressive trends towards early termination of babies diagnosed with trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) due to new prenatal tests. This was happening based on poor counseling and little accurate information being given to expectant families. As this very troubling knowledge bubbled its way through my consciousness we happened to have a neighborhood party around the same time. One of my neighbors who attended the party was on the board of one of our local cancer treatment centers here in Seattle called the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute. As he told me of the amazing research they were doing for immune mediated therapies to treat cancer (Immune therapy uses your body’s own defense to battle cancer) my thoughts began to form. With my knowledge of the genetic makeup of people with Down syndrome and the new information from my friend I had the spark on an idea for a story that would be wonderfully fun to write, but more importantly, send a message about people like my daughter to the world.

My belief that through literature we can impact people’s thoughts, feelings, and perceptions gives me hope. A father’s love for his daughter and knowledge that only through inclusion and acceptance can we begin to understand each other, fuels me to keep writing.

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Our intellect directs us. Our humanity defines us.

What if the key to unlocking our genetic code and our future lay within some of our most disenfranchised individuals? Would we still shun them?

Seattle in the year 2330: centuries of conflict have led to this precipice. If the world is to move forward, Olivay has the difficult task of teaching Alucia her history. Olivay knows that without understanding where she came from Alucia will never be able to help humanity explore the universe.

In present day Seattle, Jason Roy is a scientist whose life revolves around his daughter, Lily. Within her genome lies a secret that Jason has dedicated himself to uncovering. The mundane life of a scientist and his family takes a turn when a multinational corporation decides Jason Roy’s research is a danger to them.

Jason and Lily are now running away from an unforeseen enemy and toward a discovery that will change mankind. Altering the world may come too late for Jason to save what matters most in his own world.

The great irony of unlocking our genetic potential was finding that our greatness was found in our love for one another.

-Trispero almanac

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Jason left the car in the driveway while Lily gathered up the goodies. They carefully walked up the block past the neighbor’s car. The brisk morning was shaping up to be a spectacular day. As they turned left walking around the block toward the park, Jason noticed that the other car was gone. Lily reached up and took hold of Jason’s hand. It was such a natural thing; her hand fit so easily into his. They had done it so often it was almost impossible not to hold her hand. On those rare occasions when he walked this route alone, he felt naked and often reached into space for that little hand and then laughed when it wasn’t there.

It was at these times that Jason would ponder what was really important. The touch of his little girl’s hand was more powerful than any drug. He had spent the last ten years watching her grow, laugh, and learn. She had a boundless ability to love and be happy, she was always excited to go to school, and she never missed an opportunity to make a new friend. What was it inside her that seemed to be able to turn on the lights in his world? What kind of world would it be if everyone embraced life like that?

They walked past the tower at the entrance to Volunteer Park and found a small table next to a large piece of art that overlooked the Puget Sound. The view today was beautiful, and the park would soon be full. The sculpture was a large irregular stone with a hole in the center that you could look through and see the Space Needle. Jason turned to see Lily devouring her tart. Red fruit dotted her face, and sugar coated her chin. Without thinking, Jason reached out to wipe off her face. He knew that someday she would have to learn to do it on her own. But not today.

With breakfast over, they packed up their garbage and headed back to the house.

“Daddy, can I have a sleepover with Jessica tonight? She asked me at school yesterday.”

“Sorry sweetheart, but I have to be on TV tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I was going to bring you with me to the TV station though.”

“Promise you will call Jessica’s mom, promise, promise!”

“Okay, okay. Let’s get home. I need you to help me pick out my clothes.”

“Daddy, you’re a big boy. You should be able to pick your own clothes.”

As soon as they got home, Jason called Jessica’s mom. Having friends over was a part of growing up, and despite how loving and loyal Lily was, not many kids wanted her over. She talked a little different, looked just a little different.

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Hey folks! Today I’m happy to introduce you to Heidi Loeb Hegerich and her story Love Target!

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Heidi Loeb Hegerich has lived in places as varied as Munich, Las Vegas, Miami Beach, New York, Los Angeles, Squaw Valley and Reno. She has worked variously as a showgirl, business executive, entrepreneur, interior designer and real estate developer. She has traveled to six of the seven continents, and vacationed in spots as different as the French Riviera, the Andes and Afghanistan. She counts among her hobbies weight training, shooting assault rifles, and racing sand rails; she found skydiving entertaining but not as much of a rush as other pursuits.

A philanthropist for the arts, among other causes, Hegerich is now embarking on her own artistic quest as an author. The novel Love Target is her first book.

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I asked Heidi Loeb Hegerich, “What is the best and most rewarding thing you find about being a writer? Want to share what you think is the worst and most frustrating thing you find about being a writer?” and here is the response.

In regard to the best and most rewarding thing…

It both amazes me and gratifies me that people will spend their precious time reading my book. After you write and publish a book, you release it into the world as you would a child. You hope the world will love it. But you have to try to let it go.

When people grow interested in your book, when they read it, they are taking your creation into their lives and making it a part of their lives. This provides me a psychic reward on several levels. I feel humbled that people find my creation worthy of their attention. I feel proud for the same reason. I feel gratified that something I created has brought a measure of enjoyment into another person’s life. Then there’s a more subtle reward. My book is a memoir novel — based on my life. If my life story — in its fictionalized form — proves to be of some interest to readers, then maybe my life has meant something. (And, hopefully, beyond being an entertaining soap opera or series of follies!)

In regard to the worst and most frustrating thing…

Any artist — whether a songwriter, filmmaker, painter or writer — will tell you how difficult it is promoting one’s work to the masses. You feel self-conscious about trumpeting your work; shouldn’t the work speak for itself? You also have worked so hard on your creation that it’s deflating to realize that now you must begin a whole new ultra-marathon in telling the world about your creation — that it is for sale. Sales are beginning to pick up for LOVE TARGET — the buzz or word of mouth is slowly building — and I’ve received some nice reviews in the media. But it’s extremely hard work, and what’s more, I’m naturally shy, so hitting the interview circuit or book-signing circuit is difficult even psychologically for me.

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Teenager Ingrid Liebschreiber is devastated when her parents move the family from their native Munich to Los Angeles in the late 1950s. Homesick, she accepts a neighbor’s offer to get her a job as a showgirl in Las Vegas.

Intent on earning enough money to return to Germany, she must grow up quickly in the neon jungle – where she is pursued by high rollers and headliners, including a vacationing Elvis.

Life’s twists and turns land Ingrid in New York in the Swinging 1960s – where she is romanced by Armand: a strong, quiet, handsome businessman in “construction.” Most girls dream of Mr. Right, and Ingrid’s hard-won independence is challenged when she falls in love.

Will she find true romance – a man who can love her as much as she loves him? Or is “happily ever after” just a crazy fairytale?

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The witch stared past me, lost in thought. Then she shook her head.

“I don’t know,” she began, haltingly. “There will be a man, a husband. Somebody that you’ve known. Somebody” — her voice rose — “with dark hair! And . . . eyes that are lighter. Maybe blue.”

“I don’t know who this man could be,” I said to the witch.

“Trust me,” she said confidently. “Do you have any photographs in your wallet of who this man could be?”

I didn’t have a photo of David. But it didn’t matter, since he was married.

I fished out a photograph of Armand.

The witch held it up in her crooked fingers in front of her hooked nose. She twisted her neck, turning her head this way and that, peering curiously at the photo from different angles.

She handed it back.

“You should have never been with this man!”

I shrugged. “I wish I knew who this mystery man could be.”

“It is not important,” the witch said. “You will know in good time. You can bring him into your life. And I want you to do something.”

She rummaged on a shelf and removed several objects.

“Take these two candles. Write an affirmation on a slip of paper saying that you will be with this man with dark hair that you’ve known. Then put the paper between the candles, and melt the candles together. Light each one, and when they’re soft, mold them together.”

I took the candles. Well, it couldn’t hurt to try. Might even be fun.

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Heidi Loeb Hegerich, thank you for stopping by today!

Love & blessings to all! ❤