Mistletoe with Holly

This holiday season wishes do come true.

Mistletoe with Holly by Jacey Holbrand

In his early forties, Dr. James Morris became a step grandfather to triplet teenage girls, Noelle, Joy and Holly. Now they’re older and his fantasies have gone into overdrive.

The young women should be off-limits, but that doesn’t deter them. This holiday season James will have his TABOO fantasies made reality with the help of three BRATS who want to LOSE THEIR INNOCENCE.

It’s late on December 26, and James can’t believe the evening he just had. The night takes another interesting turn when Holly shows up on his doorstep claiming she wants him to take her innocence. Not one to turn away a sure thing, he invites her in for some more sexy holiday fun.

Welcome to the Morris family!

Holiday Firsts ~ Taboo, first time, step family erotica ~ Can be read independently. Best if read in order — 1: First Noelle; 2: Joy to His World; 3: Mistletoe with Holly

~ * ~ A Tease ~ * ~

I rose, headed over to the bar where I’d plugged the device in to charge and answered it. “Doctor Morris… Yes, Mary… No, I’m fine. There’s no need for you to return tonight.” I glanced over at my step granddaughter who’d gone back to watching the fire. The glow enhanced her classic beauty. Something more than just sexual urges began to stir within me. Something I hadn’t felt in years, and a part of me feared it. But I also knew I had to take the opportunity to explore what I was experiencing. “In fact, take the next week off as well. If you could inform the rest of the house staff that no one needs to return until January second, I’d appreciate it… Yes, with pay. Consider it another part of your Christmas bonuses… Happy New Year to you, too, Mary. See you next year.”

The surprise and happiness in her voice pleased me. Making my staff happy, made me happy. Sure it would be odd not having Ms. Mary Stevens, my live-in housekeeper, and the other day staff in the seven bedroom, five bathroom house for the next week, but they deserved a break. I also believed I was going to need some privacy.

Some people thought my home was a bit big for just me and one other person, but I couldn’t part with it yet. Hoping for lots of kids, my late wife, Theresa, and I had designed and built our home in what used to be a remote section of Las Vegas. We’d raised Joshua in it. I wasn’t ready to give up the mansion or my small staff of caterers, housekeeping and landscapers, especially since my general medicine practice was doing well, and I could still afford it all.

After I ended the call, I powered off my phone, returned to the couch and put my attention back on Holly. “Sorry about that. You were saying?”

Breathing deep, her small breasted chest lifted and fell gracefully. Holly stared at her lap and toyed with the folds of her long coat. “I want… I want you, Jim-Pop.”

When she looked at me with those beautiful eyes of hers, my cock swelled against my underwear, and my heart, or maybe it was my soul, blipped. I almost couldn’t believe what I’d heard her say. “Pardon?” If I made her say the words again, I’d have confirmation and make sure she meant it.

She reached out and grasped my hand. “I want you. Ever since I first saw you, with your dark hair and eyes and fit body, I’ve been attracted to you. Of course I was too young at the time to do anything about it. Then when I came of age, I was too chicken.”

Holy shit. I swallowed hard. “But now?”

“Like I said, I’ve seen and known what Noelle and Joy have said and done. I want the same. I want a relationship. I want to grow heavy with child and have my breasts become full of milk sooner rather than later. I want you to be the one to give all that to me. I want you.”

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