Joy to His World

This holiday season wishes do come true.

Joy to His World by Jacey Holbrand

In his early forties, Dr. James Morris became a step grandfather to triplet teenage girls, Noelle, Joy and Holly. Now they’re older and his fantasies have gone into overdrive.

The young women should be off-limits, but that doesn’t deter them. This holiday season James will have his TABOO fantasies made reality with the help of three BRATS who want to LOSE THEIR INNOCENCE.

It’s the day after Christmas and the triplets’ birthday. James has the family over to celebrate and to give the girls some special gifts. Noelle and Joy have something up their sleeves, though, and give him surprises of his own—making his lusty dreams come true. Sex is on the agenda, and he’s all too happy to oblige.

Welcome to the Morris family!

Holiday Firsts ~ Taboo, first time, step family erotica ~ Can be read independently. Best if read in order — 1: First Noelle; 2: Joy to His World; 3: Mistletoe with Holly

~ * ~ A Tease ~ * ~

After everyone said their goodbyes, and I saw them out the front door, I went straight to my bar, had a shot of tequila, and then I made a stiff Tom Collins. I brought the drink over to my chair near the fireplace and sat.

What a night. Between the family dinner, Noelle’s revelation and the gift giving, my mind was in a whirl. Not to mention, my cock still throbbed with need.

Damn that brat Noelle and her sexy way of dressing.

I’d have to have a talk with Noelle about her wardrobe and how it might be wise not to dress in such a provocative way when it came to family gatherings. We’d skated by tonight with not drawing attention to us and the fact that there’s something happening between me and her. We couldn’t take the risk anymore of blowing our secret though.

Sipping my drink, I settled more into the chair and stared at the fire. The sweet and tangy liquid coated my tongue and warmed my throat. It was my hope that the alcohol would help me to stop thinking about everything, at least for a little bit. Then once my mind finished its break, I could tackle what was going on in my life.

I sucked down the Tom Collins, rose and went to the bar to make another.


The soft voice startled me. Drink in hand, I turned. “Noelle. I thought you went with Joy to the movie.”

“Nah.” She strolled into the room with a devilish smile and her hips swaying seductively. “That was just a cover for the fam. I wanted to come back in for the spanking and screwing you wanted to give me earlier.”

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