First Noelle

This holiday season wishes do come true.

First Noelle by Jacey Holbrand

In his early forties, Dr. James Morris became a step grandfather to triplet teenage girls, Noelle, Joy and Holly. Now they’re older and his fantasies have gone into overdrive.

The young women should be off-limits, but that doesn’t deter them. This holiday season James will have his TABOO fantasies made reality with the help of three BRATS who want to LOSE THEIR INNOCENCE.

Noelle has wanton thoughts about her smoking hot grandfather, and she wants to tell Santa all about them. When the North Pole village in the mall hires Noelle as an elf and James as Kris Kringle, she finds her chance to tell “Santa” her wish, seduces him into being naughty, too, and doesn’t care about the consequences.

Welcome to the Morris family!

Holiday Firsts ~ Taboo, first time, step family erotica ~ Can be read independently. Best if read in order — 1: First Noelle; 2: Joy to His World; 3: Mistletoe with Holly

~ * ~ A Tease ~ * ~

Noelle led me into the small four bedroom home, and the moment after she dropped her backpack onto a chair in the combination kitchen, dining room and family room, she was on me like a cat in heat. She wrapped her arms around me and plastered her lips on mine.

As much as I enjoyed her advance and reciprocated her kiss, sweeping my tongue into her mouth, I knew I had to stop. Drawing upon every ounce of willpower I had, I broke away from her and held her by the shoulders at arm’s length. “What… What are you doing Noelle?”

She smiled, her lips red and swollen from our kiss. “I want you. I’m not afraid of being here alone. I just wanted to be with you. I knew Joy was going out with her boyfriend. I pretended to be upset so you’d be more apt to bring me here.”

Finding myself at a loss for words and wondering if I was dreaming, I could only stammer, “Uh…” My cock swelled in my underwear. I grew even hotter under the already stifling costume. Was this little vixen saying what I thought she was saying?

“Don’t speak yet. Let me get this out.” Noelle drew in a deep breath and released it in a quick gush. “I’ve been fantasizing about you for a while now. Wondering what it’d be like to feel your naked body against mine, your throbbing cock deep within my pussy. About you being the one to make me a woman. My friends always tell me how hot they think Josh is, and since you two look so much like each other, I can’t help but think it’s you who’s hot. Even in that Santa suit. That’s another fantasy of mine. Pretending to be Mrs. Claus, the one who Santa fucks with his North Pole.”

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