The Morris Family


In this family saga, there will be series of books following the members of the Morris family. It all starts out with the first series called ‘Holiday Firsts’ and the title First Noelle. Though the books can be read independently, they really should be read in order due to how they flow and lead into the next book and will eventually spread into other series. ‘Holiday Firsts’ is classified as taboo, first time, step family erotica, and the book order is: 1: First Noelle; 2: Joy to His World; 3: Mistletoe with Holly

~ Meet the family ~

Dr. James Morris ~ patriarch

Joshua Morris ~ James’s son

Amanda Ryan-Morris ~ Josh’s wife

Noelle Ryan-Morris ~ Amanda’s first (triplet) daughter; Josh’s step-daughter

Joy Ryan-Morris ~ Amanda’s second (triplet) daughter; Josh’s step-daughter

Holly Ryan-Morris ~ Amanda’s third (triplet) daughter; Josh’s step-daughter

Ms. Mary Stevens ~ James’s live-in housekeeper

Theresa Morris ~ (deceased) James’s late wife

Lance Ryan ~ (deceased) Amanda’s late husband

Lance “LJ” Ryan, Jr. ~ Lance’s son from a relationship before Amanda; Josh’s friend

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