unaware of the torment ‘Grey Skies’ by William Becker #Horror @SDSXXTours

Grey Skies
by William Becker
Genre: Horror
Roman Toguri finds himself burying the body of a nun in Boone, North
Carolina. As the skies darken and it begins to storm, he is forced to
shove the corpse into his trunk and take it home for the night,
unaware of the torment that playing God will bestow upon him.
Enter Hell with two bonus short stories: The White Shade, an ultra-violent
look into the mind of a mass shooter, and The Black Box, a
psychedelic dive into weird horror.
William Becker is an 18-year-old horror author with a mind for weirder sides
of the universe. With an emphasis on complex and layered storylines
that tug harshly on the reader to search for deeper meanings in the
vein of Silent Hill and David Lynch, Becker is a force to be reckoned
within the horror world. His works are constantly unfathomable,
throwing terror into places never before seen, while also providing
compelling storylines that transcend the predictable jumpscares of
the popular modern horror.
His first novel, WEEPING OF THE CAVERNS, was written when he was 14.
After eight months of writing, editing, and revising, the story
arrived soon after his 15th birthday. During the writing sessions for
his debut novel, he also wrote an ultra-controversial short story
known as THE WHITE SHADE that focused on the horrors of a shooting.
Living in a modern climate, it was impossible for THE WHITE SHADE to
see the light of day. Following a psychedelic stint that consisted of
bingeing David Lynch movies, weird art, and considering the depth of
the allegory of the cave wall, he returned to writing with a second
story, THE BLACK BOX, and soon after, his second novel, GREY SKIES.
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survive in the Old West… ‘Switched in Time’ #TimeTravel #Romance @BreannaHayse @SDSXXTours

Switched in Time
by Breanna Hayse
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Nya Lynn Crow is stuck in a boring life. Her only real joy exists in
attending BDSM and kinkster parties with her best friend, Tawni.
However, even those events are being ruined by a woman who’s out to
destroy her, and because of whom Nya ends up being drugged, beaten
and left to die on a mesa in the Sandia mountain foothills.
She tries to walk home in the dark and stumbles on to ancient Indian
burial grounds, only to awaken in the care of two very handsome
ranchers who are strong, kind, and ridiculously old-fashioned. While
they nurse her back to health, she finds herself yearning for modern
conveniences—conveniences that she soon discovers have not yet been
Flint Masters, stern cowboy and owner of High River Ranch, takes an instant
shine to this beautiful but strange ‘half-breed’, but her lack of
proper manners and inability to follow direction grate on his nerves.
As a result, Nya soon discovers that all the fantasies and role
playing games she so enjoyed enacting before at BDSM events are
nothing like the reality of a real, old-fashioned spanking. She’s
also quick to learn that her sexual appetite is something beyond the
‘polite society’ expectations of a gentleman rancher; and her
desires end up inviting not only another switching, but also
fulfillment the likes of which she’s never before experienced.
Can a modern, sexually expressive, and highly opinionated young woman
survive in the Old West in 1863, surrounded by cowboys, Vaqueros and
Apache Indians?
Especially when time proves itself to be cyclic, and Nya finds herself face to
face with her old nemesis once again—only this time, the evil woman
is trying to not just destroy her, but every Apache and Vaquero in
the territory. Nya must decide whether to stand up to her for once
and for all, or to run and hide, and she ends up risking everything,
including her blossoming relationship with Flint, to saves the lives
of the people around her, and to hopefully make the future a better
place for all of them.
This fast-paced Western adventure is full of what fans have come to love
and expect from Breanna Hayse; gorgeous men; strong, opinionated,
curiously vulnerable women; sizzling spankings and rich historic
detail; with a witty dose of humor thrown in for good measure.
BDSM/AP lifestyler Breanna Hayse strives to give her readers truth and
reality of the BDSM/Age-Play/Total Power and Erotic Exchange lifestyle.
Who am I?
I’m a native Californian gone ‘wild’, and had the opportunity to travel
the globe and discover the world through the eyes of both a Marine
Intelligence specialist and a BDSM lifestyler. I left the service to
go into hospice nursing and grief counseling, eventually working as a
marriage and family therapist for those involved in alternative
lifestyle development. This experience has allowed me to gain unique
inspiration for my books and offer realistic plots and relatable
In 2004, my husband, John, and I joined forces to work with both
submissives and dominants- teaching, training, listening and loving.
Our goal was to take the mystery and fear out of the lifestyle and
mentor people in safe, consensual and healthy relationships.
My first book, The Game Plan, was published in 2012 and opened the door
to the now-booming world of Age-Play literature. Since that time,
I’ve devoted my ‘spare’ time to writing, researching, community
involvement, and private and group pro bono counseling in deviant
behavior, alternative lifestyle, and addiction recovery.
I was formally ‘dungeon trained’ as a Domme before discovering my
submissive side when I joined the service. My scenarios are pulled
primarily from either personal experience or observation, including
spending time in BDSM clubs as the safety/medical officer. My
multi-faceted background allows me to glean from many avenues and
give a unique and intelligent literary experience through elements of
fantasy and fiction. I also discuss the questions and psychology of
the lifestyle in a manner that is fun and informative, and based on
‘the real deal.’
I live with my husband, musician, and fellow-author, John Hayse, and
two border collies in southern California. We practice a 24/7 D&S
relationship with speckles of AP (and many trips to Build-A-Bear),
and happily spend every moment together that we can. My hobbies
include my puppies, hiding my vanilla salt-water taffy where John
can’t find it, exotic art, collecting inspirational trinkets, and
developing my own paddle line. You can also see me as a featured
author/instructor in professional conference settings and as a
Sexpert for kinkyliterature.com.
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way out of his league ‘For the Love of Max’ #Erotic #Romance @GabbiGrey @ReviewByCrystal

For the Love of Max
By Gabbi Grey
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About For the Love of Max:

 Ironworker Dodge Vasilius has been in love with LGBTQ social worker Maxine Reeves since he first met her at a party when her date abandoned her. She’s way out of his league. Except she’s finally left the abusive jerk. Dodge is just checking to make certain she’s safe. Because making a move on the newly single Maxine would be classless…right?

Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

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Excerpt from For the Love of Max:

Procrastinating was getting him nowhere. She was either home or she wasn’t. She was either going to kick him off her property or she wasn’t. She was either going to let him in or she wasn’t.
Wiping his damp palms against his jeans, he sauntered up the steps and knocked.
The door cracked, but the safety chain prevented it from opening fully. He glimpsed a veil of long, black hair.
“Maxine?” She squinted. Damn. The sun behind him was bright in her eyes, casting him in deep shadows.
“It’s Dodge. Remember me? I brought you home after the company Christmas party?” After Garth got wasted and abandoned you? Happy to step in, Dodge had driven her home, trying not to look at her gorgeous legs encased by her tight silver skirt and sheer pantyhose. Red-blooded man he was, he’d adjusted himself when she looked away and had done his best to hide his erection when escorting her to the door.
“Wait.” Say something that’ll keep her talking.
The door closed, opening a moment later.
Dodge was a sucker for sun-kissed light-brown skin, wavy long black hair, almond-shaped dark-brown eyes, soft cheekbones, and a pert nose. The bangs were new as was the yellowing bruise on her cheek.
Ducking her head, Maxine’s hand shot to the bruise.
He gently touched her chin, and when she didn’t recoil, he tipped it, forcing her gaze to his. “The man is an animal. I’m not like him.”
The smile was tentative. “I know.” Soft words, replete with meaning.
Not going to send him away. Yet. But he needed more.
Maxine extended her hand, which he gratefully took. The electric shock shot through him, so strong he expected a blue arc between them.
Her cheeks flushed, her gaze flying to his before lowering. She tried to pull away, but he held tight.

About the Author:

Gabbi Grey has written a lot of words and is now focusing on sharing them with the rest of the world. She writes contemporary, gay, and dark erotic BDSM romances. She believes in happy endings.

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check out The Four Kingdoms #series by Sierra N. Terry #Fantasy #Romance #Erotica @SDSXXTours

The Longest Knight
The Four Kingdoms Book 1
by Sierra N. Terry
Genre: Fantasy Romance Erotica
The Longest knight is an erotic romantic fantasy Illustrated novel about
Princess Milena and the love she carries for the one and only
Werewolf knight in her kingdom. After three long years of war with
the Borras Kingdom, Princess Milena is sent away in secret by her
father to her grandparent’s house for her personal safety and she
gets to bring none other than the wolf that holds her affections.
With the road full of enemy soldiers, wild animals and the threat of
being discovered, can the pair make the three day long ride there
unharmed? Or will the dangers of war tear them apart before Milena
ever has a chance to tell her knight her heart’s desire?
The Four Kingdoms series is a series of novels that are loosely based on
one another. Most are romantic but not all, one is erotic but none of
the others are quite as intense. Each story takes place in one of the
four kingdoms but each individual novel can be read as a stand-alone
story(but it is highly recommended that you read the first one, The
Longest Knight first). Every story has its own strange uniqueness
that I hope you will stay with me until the very last one is released!
Beneath the Surface
The Four Kingdoms Book 2
On a seemingly normal night, Jonas, a kind-hearted knight, saves a
beautiful young woman from a vicious attack. He quickly finds out the
young woman is actually a mermaid and as she disappears into the
water Jonas vows to find her again, so taken by her mere presence.
However, ever since they crossed paths Jonas began having strange
ominous dreams about her, making him want to see her again even more.
What do these dreams mean and why is he having them all the time?
These are just some of the questions Jonas seeks answers to but all
he really wants is a chance to make her his special lady.
The Four Kingdoms series is a series of novels that are loosely based on one
another. Most are romantic but not all, one is erotic but none of the
others are quite as intense. Each story takes place in one of the
four kingdoms but each individual novel can be read as a stand-alone
story(but it is highly recommended that you read the first one, The
Longest Knight first). Every story has its own strange uniqueness
that I hope you will stay with me until the very last one is
Fairytales For the Bedroom
Erotic Short Stories
A collection of short fantasy stories for all your steamy nights. 8
stuffed stories dripping with fun elements like wolfmen, BDSM, elf
women, a Krampus, and even just good old-fashioned romance. There’s
likely to be at least one story in here perfect for your wet dreams!

Born and raised in Central Virginia, there was almost no chance Sierra
Terry could have grown up NOT being creative. Her mother was and
still is, highly creative with her drawings and poetry and she always
encouraged Sierra to pursue her work even if she didn’t always like
the subject matter!
Sierra realized pretty young she loved to draw and read and despite all the
encouragement she had, she somewhat put her creativity on the back
burner until a few years ago. No job ever interested her like art and
storytelling did, so in her mid-20s she started her comic again and
worked on it like a second job! Since then she has finished drawing
the comic, wrote 5 fantasy novels and more recently put all her works
under the business name Sailorfrill Studio as well as started selling
at anime, book or comic conventions.
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not even death can separate two souls ‘Written in the Stars’ #MC #RomanticSuspense @writertbirm @SDSXXTours

Written in the Stars
Fallen Eagles MC Series Book 2
by T. Birmingham
Genre: MC Romantic Suspense
In the small town of Golden Trail, PA, the Fallen Eagles MC isn’t just
any group of veterans. They’re patrons of the community, the
protectors of veterans and townsfolk alike, and a motley group of
world military-trained men and women. And their small town isn’t
afraid to call on the varied skills of this rough and ready crew to
help out on a case or two.
Summer brought us blackmail.
Winter will bring us murder.
With a Philly-based serial murderer on the loose, and the most recent
victim a member of their small town, the Fallen Eagles MC will deal
with one of the hardest cases they’ve ever encountered.
Davis “Eagle” Landon has given a lot for his country—an eye, a leg,
time with his kids. He’s retired now and as the owner of several
small businesses and the founder and President of the Fallen Eagles
MC, this former Texan has his roots firmly planted. He’s ready to
settle down again, and only one woman will do.
Winter is different. A bit of a loner. Quiet. Sarcastic. She’s also the
owner of the one and only full-service salon in Golden Trail and has
an amazingly supportive family and a close-knit group of friends who
love her for the odd woman she’s molded herself into. She still
feels like there’s something missing, though. As the youngest
Markham, she’s seen the many struggles her older sisters have
endured, and as much as the prospect scares her, she wants a love
that is all her own. The problem? Nosy sisters, a murderer killing
women who fit her description, and the guy she loves is a good twelve
years older and way out of her league.
Eagle and Winter have a tough road ahead, but what these two are about to
realize is that not even death can separate two souls who are
f**cking written in the stars.
*Full-length novel
Trigger Warning:
This book contains scenes of violence/sexual violence/gore
that may be difficult for some readers.
A Terrible Beauty
Fallen Eagles MC Series Book 1
In the small town of Golden Trail, PA, the Fallen Eagles MC isn’t just
any group of veterans. They’re patrons of the community, the
protectors of veterans and townsfolk alike, and a motley group of
world military-trained men and women. And their small town isn’t
afraid to call on the varied skills of this rough and ready crew to
help out on a case or two.
Ten years ago, Kit Markham left her high school sweetheart, Lee
Devereaux, behind to serve her country. The woman who returns is just
a shadow of her former self. She might be the kickass Second of the
Fallen Eagles MC, but she’s also damaged—and it’s an unbearable
struggle at times, just to make it through the day. The only things
that help are her veteran MC, the Fallen Eagles, her family, and
long, quiet rides on the back of Lee’s bike.
Lee has his own share of war wounds, but none worse than the burden he’s
taken on to see that the Kit he once knew finds herself again.
It’s been over two years since she returned home, and Lee still can’t
find the girl he once loved in the woman who’s become so lost. He’s
had it with being kept in the dark. He’s demanding answers—but
he’s not the only one who’s interested in Kit’s past.
When local soldiers, veterans, and their families start getting threats
from a team of blackmailers, Kit’s shocking history is revealed. A
twist that has Lee reeling and wondering if what they once had is
even salvageable.
*Novella Length: 31,000 words
Trigger Warning:
This book contains situations of sexual abuse/assault/war
violence that may be difficult for some readers.
T. Birmingham believes words are our greatest form of magic. And making
magic is what she loves best. But when it’s time to put the words
aside, T. enjoys drinking whiskey with her tribe, eating pretzels
with Nutella, watching and reading as many stories as she can,
especially romances, and traveling wherever the wind takes
her-sometimes all at once. She also loves a sturdy (but cute) pair of
cowgirl boots, is hoping to one day build a log cabin with her Man
Bear, and she writes mystery and suspense in the Paranormal,
Contemporary, and MC Romance genres.
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Is the playboy bold enough to chase her… ‘McSexy’ #Contemporary #Romance @sianahdeshield @SDSXXTours

by Sianah Nalika DeShield
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Name: Michael Abeiku Frimpong Aka Mike Frimpong
Age: 27
Nationality: Ghanaian
Net worth: $250 million United States Dollars.
About him: Yale University Graduate,
MBA. Masters of Business Administration BBA. Bachelors of Business
Administration. Millionaire at age twenty-one, CEO of Frimpong
Insurance Corp. Voted number one most eligible bachelor by the women
of Ghana for five consecutive years. Grand Master of the female
orgasm, and serial playboy until his manhood was questioned, leaving
him no choice but to accept the wager of getting a woman pregnant or
pay $200,000 USD. Well, it’s on!
Name: Lilian Akosua Annah Aka Lily Annah
Age: 24
Nationality: Ghanaian
Net worth: The last time she checked, there were 300 Ghana cedis,
the equivalent of $60.00 USD in her account.
About her: Shy, nerdy, insecure, and
likes to think she is an average woman since she seems invisible to
men and the last time she had a boyfriend was three years ago, but is
she really that average? University of Cape Coast Ph.D. Candidate,
Educational Psychology, Masters of Philosophy, Educational
Psychology, M.Phil. University of Ghana, Legon, Bachelor of Arts,
English BA, author of
, the newest children’s book
set for the next academic year curriculum for the students in Ghana,
beautiful dark skin, perfect hips, tiny waist, a good pair of perky
tits, eyes that are absolutely beautiful, adorable, and innocent,
they could make you do anything she wants, a voice that is so
hypnotic it would make you go wild and submit to her, and a brain
that is so sharp that it makes Mike Frimpong’s four-point zero
grade point average at Yale seem less achievable.
One visit to her book launch leaves the playboy’s heart pumping and
manhood twitching, not just from thinking of claiming her, but also
making her the perfect woman to carry his child. Oops… she’s off
limits and could cost him everything.
Is the playboy bold enough to chase her, risking everything he’s
worked for in the process, or is he willing to let the one woman who
stops his heartbeat for the first time walk out of his life?
Sianah Nalika DeShield is a Liberian who left a career in politics to write
steamy African Inspired Romance Novels that leave not only her
readers spellbound and in awe with an intense emotional connection
with the realness of her books, but it also gives a positive picture
of the Africa she knows and loves. You can find her in the lovely
city of Minneapolis living her urban life while giving us
make-believe of happily ever after.
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only one man she wants to save… Touching Time #series #TimeTravel #Romance @2americanschina @SDSXXTours

The Emperor’s Seal
Touching Time Book 1
by Amanda Roberts
Genre: Time Travel Romance
The Emperor’s Seal – the divine symbol of the Emperor on earth – is
missing. The Empress will do whatever it takes to get it back.
Jiayi has a gift – she can travel through time just by touching
historical artifacts. More than anything, she wants to escape the
clutches of the Empress and run away to a foreign land. Finding the
Emperor’s Seal could be her only chance at freedom, but is she
willing to risk the wrath of the Empress?
Historian and wannabe archaeologist Zhihao has no love for the Empress or the
Qing Dynasty, but when the Empress orders him to find the Emperor’s
Seal in exchange for funding China’s first history museum, he
cannot refuse. It is only after he accepts the assignment that he
realizes the key to finding the seal lies in the hands of a palace slave.
Civil unrest and encroaching foreign powers threaten Jiayi and Zhihao’s
mission and lives as they hunt for The Emperor’s Seal.
The Empress’s Dagger
Touching Time Book 2
As the Qing Empire continues to crumble, the Empress is more desperate
than ever to find a way to secure her stranglehold on the country.
Every day, she forces Jiayi to use her powers to see into the past to
the time of Empress Wu to discover the secret to securing power.
But Jiayi already knows the answer.
Empress Wu’s dagger is more than it appears. Blessed with an ancient power,
the dagger can be used to make and destroy empires.
Jiayi’s ability to travel through time is growing stronger, and she is not
sure she wants to use that power to prop up a dying empress. There is
only one man she wants to save. The man she lost her heart to. A man
who died over a thousand years ago.
Zhihao knows he cannot fall in love with Jiayi, a palace slave. But with
each passing day, his feelings grow stronger.
When a ghost from his past walks into his life, Zhihao may have to choose
between his country and the woman he loves.
Secrets will be revealed in the second exciting installment
of the Touching Time Trilogy!
The Slave’s Necklace
Touching Time Book 3
Kill the Empress, save the world.
That is what people from all sides are telling Jiayi. She not only has the
power to kill the empress, but to set up a new future for China.
Jiayi has spent her life as a palace slave. Freedom for China could
mean a lifetime of servitude for her.
And Jiayi is tired of living for everyone else.
As Jiayi’s powers grow, she finds herself living more and more in the
past, even as the future is barreling toward her.
Zhihao’s past is catching up with him, leaving death and heartache in its
wake. Zhihao is going to have to make a choice, but he isn’t sure
he can do it alone.
Jiayi and Zhihao stand on the precipice of a new world. But they will only
survive if they can overcome the past and stand together, no matter
how much it hurts.
Get lost in time in this thrilling conclusion to the Touching Time Trilogy!
Amanda Roberts is a writer and editor who has been living in China since
2010. Amanda has an MA in English from the University of Central
Missouri. She has been published in magazines, newspapers, and
anthologies around the world and she regularly contributes to
numerous blogs. Amanda can be found all over the Internet, but her
is AmandaRobertsWrites.com.
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