have to forsake his own agenda ‘Resist and Serve’ #SciFi #Dystopian #Adventure @sirius247 @SDSXXTours

Resist and Serve
by Sean Caissie
Genre: SciFi, Dystopian Adventure
Rick Olmos’s memories are scattered at best. The world he knew appears to
be gone and its place, one of oppression, war and resistance. A
desperate people wage a guerrilla war against a technologically
superior enemy called The Directorate and the aren’t exactly winning.
Rick’s seen these odds before but more imporantly, he feels honor bound to
save the person who saved him, a fierce resistance fighter named Gia.
She put everything on the line to free him and he’s not about to let
her fate decide her future.
But The Directorate has put a plan in motion to eliminate the resistance
once and for all. Rick finds himself in a position to help but he may
have to forsake his own agenda to preserve humanity’s last hope for
Sean Caissie has been a part of the Information Technology community for
nearly 20 years. He studied at Seneca @ York with specialties in both
computer security and networking. He also had comprehensive knowledge
in computer engineering.
His latest passions outside of writing include hosting, designing and
building mobile apps.
Currently, he resides in Toronto with his wife, 1yr old daughter and cat.
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  1. Mary Preston September 23, 2018 at 4:31 AM

    A great concept and cover.

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