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Here’s another quick tease from Tex’s point of view in Seduced by Him

I am also working on book 3, Enchanted by Him. Here’s a sixth unedited peek into that story…

He could barely make out Inferno exiting the clubhouse with the Skinwalkers. The foursome headed toward the guests’ bikes, and the medic turned and seemed to stare right at Sloth.

He didn’t know how it was possible through the glass’s grime, but the man’s gaze connected with his. Sloth sucked in a thin stream of air. Heat spiked in his crotch, hardening his cock as awareness of Shaman filled every cell of his being. The citrus and sage scent along with the acrid, sulfuric smell engulfed him and almost sent him to his knees.

My mate is a maicoh.

That I am, mi alma, Shaman spoke into Sloth’s mind. And so are you. A sexy, but devilish, half-smile crooked up one side of Shaman’s mouth. But your secret is safe with me … for now. He dipped his chin as if in greeting. Until we meet again, amorcito. He spun on a booted heel and resumed his walk to his bike.

The interaction, if that’s what it could be called, lasted only seconds in reality, but Sloth felt like they’d been connected in the private moment for an eternity. A strong beat of desire, heavy and thick, drummed within him. He should be scared out of his wits. Yet, he was super attracted to the man.

~ * ~

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