Another quick peek w. Jarrod #MCRomance #teasers #goodstuff @evernightpub

Here’s another quick tease from Jarrod’s point of view in Seduced by Him

I am also working on book 3, Enchanted by Him. Here’s a fifth unedited peek into that story…

On the heels of the mate scent came another impression, acrid and bitter with a slight sulfur smell. The second aroma sent a flood of adrenaline through Sloth’s body, making all his nerve endings tingle and his stomach flutter. Winter-like cold settled within him. The urge to run and hide almost overwhelmed him.

Boy, am I glad I gave myself an extra dose of scent repellant this morning.

The pungent odor that caught him by surprise meant a maicoh, a witch, was out there. He feared the witch and his mate were one and the same, which didn’t bode well for him, especially since no one knew he happened to be a maicoh, too.

~ * ~

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Love & blessings to all! ❤

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