A quick peek w. Jarrod #MCRomance #teasers #goodstuff @evernightpub

Here’s a quick tease from Jarrod’s point of view in Seduced by Him

I am also working on book 3, Enchanted by Him. Here’s a third unedited peek into that story…

The tall visitor also wore dark sunglasses, and like his buddies, was decked out in all black from his cowboy hat, to his leather duster, jeans and t-shirt. A scar lined its way from in front of his ear, down his neck and disappeared under the shirt.

The quintessential tough guy.

Desire cut a tingly path straight through Sloth’s core to his crotch. Sloth liked the bad boy type, a guy who seemed rough around the edges and probably wouldn’t take shit from anyone, and the man outside sure looked the part.

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