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Greetings! As I gear up for the change between summer and a new school year I’m taking a bit of a break from hosting. As with my reviews post the other day (find it here), I’ll be sharing items from my most recent stories.

Here’s a quick tease from Possessed by Him

Book two teasers will be coming up in the next several days. I am also working on book 3, Enchanted by Him. Here’s an unedited peek into that story…

“Yeah. But he seemed upset.” Sloth stopped looking up at his dark-haired, dark-eyed friend and glanced toward the front door. Unlike Blaze, a mix of Shinan wolf shifter and feral dog, Inferno, the Helldorado Mongrel’s president, was full blooded Shinan wolf shifter.

And a malicious son-of-a-bitch. God, I hope he hasn’t learned my secret.

~ * ~

Stay tuned to my blog for more news and updates. Feel free to email me. I enjoy hearing from readers!

Love & blessings to all! ❤

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