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Hey folks! Today I’m happy to introduce you to S.L. Hannah and her story The Need!

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S.L. Hannah was born in Poland, grew up in Canada, and moved to Southern California to pursue her love of single-engine airplanes. The Need is her first erotic thriller. The manuscript won the 2013 Florida Romance Writers Golden Palm Contest for New Adult Romance, and is an adaptation of a screenplay about a woman struggling to free herself from her lover’s physical and emotional binds. Buzz about the break-out novel calls it “one powerful piece of writing…creepy as hell.” S.L. Hannah lives in Los Angeles, CA. When she’s not writing fiction, she continues to solve the aviation problems of the world.

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I asked S.L. Hannah, “What is the best and most rewarding thing you find about being a writer? Want to share what you think is the worst and most frustrating thing you find about being a writer?” and here is the response.

Writing and publishing a book is hard work; from the craft side to the business side. If you don’t love it, you will quickly get discouraged. For me, the most rewarding things about being a writer are going from concept to a completed product and connecting with readers.

There is something extremely satisfying about holding a book that you’ve written in your hand. It’s an idea for so long, that it almost feels surreal to be finally touching and smelling pages with your written words. The first book I published, The Dentist and The Toothfairy, is a graphic novel that I worked on with an artist. This was probably the most complex project I could’ve picked as a first-time writer and publisher and we decided to print it on an old school printing press too, so it was literally like stepping into a different world. Everything from picking paper, and the binding; I even flew up from California to Manitoba for the press check, which was this insane experience of trying to match actual color to the color in our files. Do you know how many different shades of black there are? I had no idea until I got to Manitoba. It was both an incredible and hard learning experience, and when I finally got to hold that finished book in my hand, I cried.

Luckily, nowadays, I don’t do that anymore. I focus on writing and trying to reach as many new readers as possible. Marketing is so much more a part of your job than you ever want it to be as a writer, but if you avoid it, no one will ever see your work. I get such a thrill when someone emails me to let me know how much they’ve enjoyed reading something that I’ve written, or when I see a new review for my book. And yes, sometimes you have to work really hard to get anyone to review your book, and then there’s the anxiety with wondering whether they’ll love it or hate it (not everyone is going to be your biggest fan). But when you know you’ve impacted even one reader in some way (made them think, laugh, cringe, hide under the covers, or turned them on so much they need some private time), it’s really validating. It makes you want to write the next book.

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Stood up by her boyfriend, she goes home with a woman…

Straight-laced coed Angie has never felt daring enough to…experiment. Until tonight. The skin around Heather’s lips is soft, unlike the stubble Erik lets grow in, and the night unfolds like an erotic dream, tapping into an unexplored part of Angie’s body and mind.

But Heather’s seduction turns into a nightmare when Angie wakes up tied to the bed and is told she can’t leave. Alternately seduced and tormented by her lover-turned-captor, Angie is pulled ever deeper into a twisted world of pain-for-pleasure and multimedia exploits. As the stakes rise, both women give into a desire for connections neither has had, and Angie’s struggle to escape becomes a bigger dilemma: Would she leave if she could?

Winner of the Golden Palm Contest for New Adult Romance, this erotic thriller dares to explore the darker side of our fantasies and their sometimes unintended consequences.

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Her chest sinks into mine, making it hard to breathe. “You came home with me for a reason, Angie. You wanted to learn something about yourself. I don’t have to make up some exorbitant lie to make you stay. You want to stay.” She loosens her grip around my wrists. “You know that craving you felt, and the anticipation, and then when I finally touched you…” Her fingers drag slowly down my arms and sides. “And let you unleash…” She grabs firmly onto my hips. “You know that was just the tip of the iceberg and there’s so much more for us to explore.”

Flashes of the last forty-eight hours replay in my mind. Watching her dance, the thrill of letting loose with her, the incredible orgasm. But then she tied me to her bed, and those prophetic photos, and the taser…

“You drugged me. And hurt me—”

“How do you think we learn about ourselves, Angie? By being comfortable and not pushing our boundaries? By always feeling safe?” Her lips pause at my chin and the smell of coffee is heavy on her breath. “You want to go home? Believe his excuses and go back to status quo? That’s always going to be there for you. But this, and me…if you walk away now, you may regret it forever. What’s a couple more days?”

I go limp under her. My emotions completely torn. How can I trust a woman who has threatened my life? And yet there’s truth in her words.

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S.L. Hannah will be awarding one commenter a paperback copy of The Need (U.S./Canada only for book) and one commenter a $20 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. CLICK HERE to enter to Win! Readers, follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates and places can be found here: Tour Schedule

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S.L. Hannah, thank you for stopping by today!

Love & blessings to all! ❤

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    If you could have given your characters one piece of advice before the opening pages of the book, what would it be and why?

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    Hi Mai! One piece of advice…hmmm…I would say “listen to your gut”. This book is so much about experiencing your raw emotions. Angie, the main character, has to learn, amongst other things, how to trust herself and believe in herself.

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