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Hey folks! Today I’m happy to introduce you to Sean Adelman and his story Trispero!

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Sean Adelman is a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Seattle. When he isn’t working hard to put people back together he enjoys writing, running, and attempting to play his electric guitar without frightening his two dogs, Chestnut and Orion. Sean has three children Brenna, Devon, and Ian with his wife of 25 years Susan.

Advocating for people with developmental disabilities is his life’s passion and his inspiration for the middle grade book series, Sam’s Top Secret Journal, and now his first adult novel, Trispero.

Join Sean for book giveaways, events, and news on Sam’s Secret Journal and Trispero at his links below.

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I asked Sean Adelman, “How did you get your start in writing and what fuels you to continue?” and here is the response.

The most common question I am asked is, how did an orthopedic surgeon decide he wanted to become a writer in the middle of his career? Working full time as a surgeon with three children didn’t leave me much time to think about it. Before I began writing about seven years ago the only writing I had accomplished prior to that had been scientific papers and scholarly reviews. To fully understand how this occurred you need one more bit of information, my other day job. I am a happy husband and father to three beautiful kids now 20, 18, and 13. My middle daughter has Down syndrome and at the time I began writing she was starting middle school.

My inspiration for writing came in a moment of frustration. My wife and I rose our daughter, Devon, to be like her two other siblings, she went to the same schools, played the same sports, etc. On this day I had to deal with another person who didn’t think Devon could do something I knew she could do. At every point in her life, to that point, when there was something I thought she couldn’t do, she had repeatedly proven me wrong. I was no longer a doubter, it was important that we let her try, and maybe fail. “There is dignity in failing” my beautiful wife told me. So, when a coach told me and my wife Devon couldn’t do something without even knowing her, something flipped inside me. There was a switch that I didn’t realize was there, I had to let everyone know that my daughter was more than her diagnosis. Since I wasn’t in radio or television, or any other entertainment for that matter I had to find a way to get my message out.

I love reading and had the epiphany that a great story could have a deep impact in how we see and feel things. In my fervor I sought out to write a story that would show what my daughter could do. As you would expect there was much more to writing a book then good intentions, never the less, my first draft of “Sam’s Top Secret Journal” was started. It took well over a year to write and find an agent/editor to help me refine what I was doing. In the end I wrote three early reader chapter books in the “Sam’s Top Secret Journal” series where the protagonist has Down syndrome. Everything “Sam” does in the books is something my daughter has done in real life, so they are meant to be fun and inspirational.

This brings us to Trispero. I love writing children’s books, but three years ago I became troubled by some progressive trends towards early termination of babies diagnosed with trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) due to new prenatal tests. This was happening based on poor counseling and little accurate information being given to expectant families. As this very troubling knowledge bubbled its way through my consciousness we happened to have a neighborhood party around the same time. One of my neighbors who attended the party was on the board of one of our local cancer treatment centers here in Seattle called the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute. As he told me of the amazing research they were doing for immune mediated therapies to treat cancer (Immune therapy uses your body’s own defense to battle cancer) my thoughts began to form. With my knowledge of the genetic makeup of people with Down syndrome and the new information from my friend I had the spark on an idea for a story that would be wonderfully fun to write, but more importantly, send a message about people like my daughter to the world.

My belief that through literature we can impact people’s thoughts, feelings, and perceptions gives me hope. A father’s love for his daughter and knowledge that only through inclusion and acceptance can we begin to understand each other, fuels me to keep writing.

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Our intellect directs us. Our humanity defines us.

What if the key to unlocking our genetic code and our future lay within some of our most disenfranchised individuals? Would we still shun them?

Seattle in the year 2330: centuries of conflict have led to this precipice. If the world is to move forward, Olivay has the difficult task of teaching Alucia her history. Olivay knows that without understanding where she came from Alucia will never be able to help humanity explore the universe.

In present day Seattle, Jason Roy is a scientist whose life revolves around his daughter, Lily. Within her genome lies a secret that Jason has dedicated himself to uncovering. The mundane life of a scientist and his family takes a turn when a multinational corporation decides Jason Roy’s research is a danger to them.

Jason and Lily are now running away from an unforeseen enemy and toward a discovery that will change mankind. Altering the world may come too late for Jason to save what matters most in his own world.

The great irony of unlocking our genetic potential was finding that our greatness was found in our love for one another.

-Trispero almanac

~ * ~ EXCERPT ~ * ~

Jason left the car in the driveway while Lily gathered up the goodies. They carefully walked up the block past the neighbor’s car. The brisk morning was shaping up to be a spectacular day. As they turned left walking around the block toward the park, Jason noticed that the other car was gone. Lily reached up and took hold of Jason’s hand. It was such a natural thing; her hand fit so easily into his. They had done it so often it was almost impossible not to hold her hand. On those rare occasions when he walked this route alone, he felt naked and often reached into space for that little hand and then laughed when it wasn’t there.

It was at these times that Jason would ponder what was really important. The touch of his little girl’s hand was more powerful than any drug. He had spent the last ten years watching her grow, laugh, and learn. She had a boundless ability to love and be happy, she was always excited to go to school, and she never missed an opportunity to make a new friend. What was it inside her that seemed to be able to turn on the lights in his world? What kind of world would it be if everyone embraced life like that?

They walked past the tower at the entrance to Volunteer Park and found a small table next to a large piece of art that overlooked the Puget Sound. The view today was beautiful, and the park would soon be full. The sculpture was a large irregular stone with a hole in the center that you could look through and see the Space Needle. Jason turned to see Lily devouring her tart. Red fruit dotted her face, and sugar coated her chin. Without thinking, Jason reached out to wipe off her face. He knew that someday she would have to learn to do it on her own. But not today.

With breakfast over, they packed up their garbage and headed back to the house.

“Daddy, can I have a sleepover with Jessica tonight? She asked me at school yesterday.”

“Sorry sweetheart, but I have to be on TV tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I was going to bring you with me to the TV station though.”

“Promise you will call Jessica’s mom, promise, promise!”

“Okay, okay. Let’s get home. I need you to help me pick out my clothes.”

“Daddy, you’re a big boy. You should be able to pick your own clothes.”

As soon as they got home, Jason called Jessica’s mom. Having friends over was a part of growing up, and despite how loving and loyal Lily was, not many kids wanted her over. She talked a little different, looked just a little different.

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Sean Adelman will be awarding a paperback copy of Trispero to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. CLICK HERE to enter to win a copy of the book – a Rafflecopter giveaway Readers, follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates and places can be found here: Tour Schedule

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