Drum roll please! Cover reveal!- @JaceyHolbrand @evernightpub #gay #futuristic

Hi folks! I know I’ve been MIA lately. Sorry about that. Life has been crazy since I last posted, but I’m back and with some news!

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This week I’m happy to announce I have a cover and release date for The Gathering! It will be available from Evernight Publishing on October 7. Woo-hoo!

The Gathering is a story in a new series of mine called, The Glorious Guild of Lady Windsurfer. It’s a futuristic, gay, erotic romance with elements of science fiction and steampunk and contains male male scenes, anal sex, and frottage. Isn’t this cover awesome?! You can click on it for a larger view.


~ Blurb ~

The year is 2112 and the world has changed…

Jake Landry is interested in having some fun. He’s in Las Vegas and has met up with his old friend Nicola Goodheart, a scientist and inventor who studies portals, other worlds and strange beings. Jake has also met and become enamored with Alexander, a gorgeous man with violet eyes. Jake goes with Nic on a portal finding mission, and they all end up in Alexander’s alien world.

Recruiter Alexander Bloodworth is interested in Jake for himself and in Nicola for placement in a pleasure house. When he hears word one of his people’s enemies are after Nicola and Jake, he goes to save them both, even at the peril of losing his job.

Will they risk their hopes and dreams—Alexander and Jake for a chance of love and Nicola for her career—or will they falter and lose everything anyway?

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For more on The Gathering CLICK HERE

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Love & blessings ❤


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